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An Ode to the Former Her


It’s funny how time flies; seasons change, people age, priorities change, and individuals in our lives

come and go.

As I reflect on the past and the girl that I used to be, I’m thankful that my future is not defined solely by the who and what that once was me. I often can’t believe the transformation that has taken place. I am grateful for what the Former Her helped me overcome and uncover about myself.

The Former Her had to endure some things that, while they weren’t the most pleasant experiences, helped create who I am now. Today, I feel more confident, capable, worthy, stronger, and empowered because of the fight that the Former Her endured. Because of her, I have developed the muscle strength and stamina to leap over hurdles with ease. Because of her, I can push forward with my ambitions, responsibilities, and dream again.

While Former Her was great at helping me get through some difficult times, she was not perfect. She didn’t always make the best decisions and left me with some bumps and bruises. I wish I would’ve known that just because I was “out of the woods” on some of the issues we’d gone through, that didn’t mean that I’d healed or received complete clarity on everything. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to ignore triggers or how to quickly patch myself back up when the scabs started to come off of what I thought was already healed. I certainly didn’t know that there was a possibility that I could become her again if I wasn't cautious.

On my journey, I later learned that emotional wounds such as; abandonment, rejection, humiliation, betrayal, and injustice took time and conscious effort to heal. I have not always been diligent in protecting and nurturing my wounds. I learned that I could re-injure myself and re-open those wounds when the right button was pushed. Once the wound was open, I found myself becoming her again. So here I was, a new person in a new season of life, but yet Former Her was trying to re-emerge and shine bright again.

As I mentioned, she was a great help at one point, but I had become a new and improved version and was excited to continue on my path of growth and tranquility. I was looking forward to the future and didn’t want to go back; therefore, I decided to address the new injuries and send Former Her off with gratitude and a special salute.

Thank you, Former Her, for helping me get through some tough times. I don’t know what I would’ve done without your persistence and God on my side. I’ve learned so many lessons in the time that has gone by. The wisdom that I’ve gained with you is not one that a person can go into a store and buy. It wasn’t all bad; we had some fun. You and I knew how to put a plan into action and get things done. But now, the time has come to move on. I need to heal fully and move towards complete freedom. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut, and until now, I didn’t know why. I was still holding on to you, but now I have to lift my wings and fly!


Takeaway About Healing Past Wounds

Finding true healing for any open emotional wounds is a pivotal step in building inner confidence, finding your purpose, and living a fulfilled life. Saying goodbye to your former self that may be holding you back is an important first step!

For more information on how to address the five emotional wounds discussed above, download your free copy of the Be Your Best-Self eBook found on the home page. You can also schedule a free 30-minute "Discover -Her" call for a 1:1 discussion to uncover strategies for change.


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