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It's Not Too Late for the Little Girl Inside

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

There was a Magical Moment…before Worry, before Fear, before Judgement, and we all lived there…for a brief time.”- Zen to Zany

I thought I had it figured out as a young girl. I wanted to be a businesswoman and carry a briefcase because that's what I saw my mom do. I wanted to have a huge home, marry my prince charming in a fairy-tale wedding, have three kids, and live happily ever after. As I got a little older, my goals became a little more complex; I added making the cheerleading squad and dance team, going to college, and wearing all of the latest fashions to my list. Life was much simpler then, and my outlook on what was important in life was vastly different!

At that time, I had very few things to worry about, and I felt that there was no limit to pursuing my ambitions. It wasn't until a little later on when the harsh realities of life began to jade my perspective. I quickly learned that I was not perfect, not all people were nice, disappointments will come, and that life was not always a box of chocolates (as Forrest Gump so eloquently said).